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(a) Recommend to the Board rules and regulations governing the operation and use of the cemetery;

(b) Engage the services of one or more persons, businesses or entities to serve as Custodian of the cemetery (which shall be either as a part time or full time employee, independent contractor or other mutually acceptable basis) on terms that are approved by the Board;

(c) Resolve any disputes between any Holder and the Custodian and determine in which instances previously sold Interment Rights shall become Forfeited Rights or Dormant Rights and in which instances the Congregation may exercise its rights as provided in these regulations as to the previously unused Lot or Lots to which such Interment Rights relate;

(d) Adopt with the assistance of the Administrator operating budgets and capital budgets on an annual basis that set forth the projected financial results and anticipated costs of capital improvements needed by the cemetery and the anticipated impact of these projections on the Funds;

  • Regulate and control the flow of vehicular traffic entering and using the cemetery;

  • Make recommendations to the Board for any adjustments to the purchase price for Interment Rights, for burial and interment at the cemetery and any differences in such pricing for sales and/or use by Members or Related Non-Members and in the charges for the burial of cremains in the cemetery and as to any allocation of such charges within the Funds that provide financial assistance to the operations of the cemetery;

  • Approve any requests to disinter any person who has previously been buried at the cemetery;

  • Make recommendations to the Board for alteration of the roadways and walks of the cemetery and for changes to the landscaping and topography of the cemetery, provided that in no event shall such alterations adversely impact the existing burials at the cemetery;

  • Develop a master plan for future actions to maintain and to enhance the cemetery with specific action items for the short term, intermediate and long term future of the cemetery;

  • Have prepared such surveys and plats as to the cemetery, make copies thereof and provide access to such surveys and plats as determined to be appropriate by the Committee;

  • Supervise the Administrator in the preparation and maintenance of such records as to the that are required to be maintained in accordance with these rules and regulations; and
  • Perform all functions imposed upon the Committee in accordance with the directions by the Board and these rules and regulations.

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